I am Professor of Applied Microeconomics and Managing Director of the Institute of Economics (FGN-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen.

I am also Co-Editor of the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics and Editorial-Board Member of the Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade.

All teaching materials are availble here.

Research Interests

Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Antitrust Law and Economics, Regulation, Economic Policy.

SNSF Project (2018-2022)
“Pricing in a Digital World” info
Selected Publications

Carbon Footprinting and Pricing Under Climate Concerns, with Marco Bertini, Daniel Halbheer and Donald R. Lehmann, Journal of Marketing, forthcoming.

Explaining Escalating Prices and Fines: A Unified Approach, with Nicolas Eschenbaum, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 171, 2020, 153-164.

Vertical Structure and the Risk of Rent Extraction in the Electricity Industry, with Anette Boom, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 29(1), 2020, 210-237.

Payment Evasion, with Daniel Halbheer and Michael Lechner, Journal of Industrial Economics, 65(4), 2017, 804-832.

Making Sense of Nonbinding Retail-Price Recommendations, with Dennis L. Gärtner, American Economic Review 103(1), 2013, 335-359.